Improve and change our work habits.

Did you know that? 80% of employees have already suffered from ailments related to an unsuitable workstation. In Denmark, the law already imposes high-rise adjustable offices in companies: any employee working more than 20 hours during the week must legally be offered a high-rise adjustable office.

Not just a desk, a real story behind SpineDesk.

SpineDesk was created in Barcelona by a chiropractic doctor, who specializes in the spine and back pain. Christian Horn has seen in the course of his work that more and more patients are consulting him about recurring problems emanating from their inappropriate workplaces. This phenomenon has increased with the massive growth of telework.

Our Goal

We all have a right to a better comfort. Not being a slave to our posture at work or in our daily lives offers the freedom to guarantee something else to our body, mind and mind. To be better in one’s body and to experience a fulfillment in our daily tasks, these are the values and benefits that we wish to convey.

The Profits of Adjustable Offices

A study by Human Factors and Cornell University’s Ergonomics Research Laboratory (1) found that musculoskeletal pain in computer-based people decreased drastically after only 4 to 6 weeks of adjustable-height office work. The benefits reported to the worker and his company are numerous:


  • Less fatigue at work
  • Improved concentration and reaction speed
  • Saving time and de facto better productivity
  • Improved brain performance
  • Less pain in the back and leg muscles
  • Spinal relief
  • Significant decrease in neck tension
  • Significant decrease in low back pain
  • Cardiac and circulatory stimulation
  • Less absenteeism
  • Better motivational and job satisfaction
  • Adapted for all employees in various situations: reduced mobility, pregnant women, self-entrepreneurs, etc.

Another study conducted (2) this time at UPS showed that the use of electric adjustable desks by users reduced discomfort by 62%.

And to put an end to the feedback, the results of which speak for themselves, a study (3) conducted among 15 callcenters in Sweden showed that employees equipped with easily adjustable offices at height suffered twice as much low back pain as others.

Our Differences and Approaches

We are not only traders but also and above all specialized in the field of the spine. We consciously chose the best for our SpineDeskers.


We offer quality materials, robust having been subjected to extensive testing


We offer few choices in order to offer you the best value for money

After sales service

After each purchase you benefit from personalised and accompanying follow-up on the use of your office and on your postures.

A gain in performance while preserving health

Since 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) has been encouraging employers and employees to “find alternatives to sitting, such as high-rise offices and balloon seats.” (4) Sillicon Valley companies such as Google and Facebook have already equipped their employees with seat-up offices for many years (5).

% less discomfort and lower back pain

productivity gains

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(5) http://knowledge.essec.edu/en/strategy/my-future-office.html