Inspired by Cambodian culture and lifestyle, the new Jayavarman model is one of our most popular ergonomic offices. It is ideal for use in the office or at home, and allows for a different experience from the use of the office. The offices are characterized by a stable structure, flexible operation, easy assembly and a very low sound level.


We offer you the best value for money

The speed of ascent or descent is 32 mm/s, from 60 cm to 125 cm, in only 20 seconds.

Stainless steel composition with three segments for better stability and solidity when standing.

The height is adjusted by two electric motors, allowing the desk to be raised or lowered easily and quickly.

Important: The Jayavarman model has successfully passed the various TESTS of controls certified by ROHS© which it has anti-collision protection to protect your office equipment from collisions when adjusting your office:

  • The built-in automatic shutdown ensures safety by reacting in case of resistance: it shuts down the engine and lifts the table top a little.The child safety system provides good protection for your child and reduces the risk of injury in the event of an impact.
  • The table width can be adjusted: suitable for a table 100 cm to 160 cm wide and 50 cm to 80 cm deep, maximum load: 120 kg.
  • Table frame and engine guaranteed 5 years
  • Advanced all-in-one keyboard – With four programmable presets, you can record four desired heights. 

Perfect in the office but also at home

Current circumstances mean that more and more people find themselves working hours in front of their computer station, whether in the office or, as is increasingly happening, at home in unsuitable conditions resulting in postural problems. 


Our Jayavarmanrange fits perfectly in all offices in the alone or in the meeting room.


Modern and streamlined the “Jayavarman” model will adapt and beautify your interior while offering an effective solution to your tasks.

Optimizing your work

The harmful effects of prolonged sitting are no longer to be demonstrated, it becomes essential to change our habits


With the ability to work upright, the “Jayavarman” model offers an elegant, fast and precise solution to learn how to benefit from standing work.


With the “Jayavarman” model, the seating position is easily improved because it allows the screen-body-chair angle to be precisely adjusted to optimize the best sitting posture.


For each purchase you have a guarantee that is confirmed or refunded for 30 days from the date of purchase of your office in order to try your office as best as possible.

Need a personalised office, specific advice? We make your wishes come true

We adapt to each customer according to their expectations whether for a workplace or a habitat, we are there to help you and accompany you before and after your purchase. If you want a colour, a specific material, a particular finish, please contact us.