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Is it easy to install?
The products chosen at SpineDesk have been carefully established to facilitate its assembly. It is delivered pre-mounted and just read the assembly instructions in less than 20 minutes the structure is mounted. Then to be able to mount the tray, you just need to equip yourself with a wireless screw screw and with the screws provided your desk is ready.
What are the delivery times?
Your Desk package consists of two packages, one packet containing the structure with the engines and another containing the wooden tray.
The first one is sent the day after your order and your tray will depend on its availability on the day of your order but will not exceed 15 days of delay as we work with a craftsman.
What happens if I get my desk under an obstacle?
All our offices are equipped with collision sensors.
If you lower your desk onto an object, the sensors will detect the change in pressure and immediately stop the descent, then move up 1.5 cm.
The sensors will react in the same way if the desk hits an obstacle on its way up.
How does the warranty work?

Each office is guaranteed for 5 years.
Steel base warranty

The warranty is applicable for 5 years for the steel base.

Warranty for motors and electrical components
The warranty is applicable for 5 years for motors and electrical components.
The warranty is applicable and subject to, but not limited to, the following limitations:
– Defects caused by improper installation and/or use.

-All products modified or repaired by the user or a third party other than SpineDesk.
-Normal wear and tear and scratches.
– Heavy weight used on the desk while standing or sitting (more than 120 kilos).

-Damage caused during the relocation of the office.

What does the after-sales follow-up consist of?

One of our chiropractors will contact you 10 days after receiving your order, he will call you directly either by voice or video call to see with you if your desk is well positioned with your chair, and give you advice more adapted to your situation (screen, mouse, …) and answer your doubts.

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