SPINEDESK Premium electric office ergonomic solution

Adjustable in height and with high finish quality

“Get some height “

SpineDesk was born in the heart of Barcelona, the nucleus of start-ups and the capital of European high technology.
In the face of constant evolution and the renewal of our working methods, we see an increasingly frequent use of electric offices around the world.
Spinedesk's mission is to democratize so-called electric offices by offering an ergonomic solution suitable for all (teleworkers, self-employed entrepreneurs, companies, etc.). The results are not negligible: gain in comfort and productivity.

Our difference!

High Quality Materials
Original Wood EU
Guarantee 5-Year
System Pre-installed
Advice Personalised by Chiropractor Satisfied or Reimbursed within 30 days

Electric Desk


〉 Stainless steel feet in 3 steps for more stability.

〉Equipped with two latest technology long life certified motors

Weight charges a maximum of 120kg, i.e. the screen of an average computer weighs less than 6kg.

〉Security anticolission with 4 adjustable memories.

〉Reasing rate of 3 cm per second.

〉Finition “flat feet” for a most aesthetic rendering.

〉Protected and water-treated wooden platform and easy to maintain.

Become a master of your posture

We spend an average of 8 hours sitting at work. Numerous studies have shown the many negative effects on our vertebral column or our productivity. These studies have prompted several countries (USA, Canada, Denmark,…) to make it mandatory to install high-rise adjustable offices. This improves, changes bad habits but also alleviates the long-term consequences of prolonged sitting on our health.

After each order, you should receive personalized follow-up by a qualified chiropractor

Each SpineDeskers receives a call for post-purchase follow-up to receive organizational advice on their work and posture to ensure that it is correct and meets its needs. These tips allow you to take possession of your new ergonomic office in the best conditions.

Our SpineDeskers

Delighted with my purchase, try it is adopt it, I love my new office. My workspace has changed radically and my back says thank you, I highly recommend 

- Claudia Hernandez

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